Unicarriers Forklift – MXS Series

Electric Counterbalanced Forklift

Introducing the Electric Counterbalanced Forklifts 48 Volt AC-Powered 2700 – 4000 lbs. Capacities

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48 Volt AC-Powered 2700 – 4000 lbs. Capacities.

Applications: Built to meet customer needs with dependable performance, durability, and adaptability – backed by excellent customer service – The MXS series available in 3 and 4-wheel options are your choice when space is tight. Due to their compact design, amazing maneuverability, and intelligent control systems, they are ideal for:

• Food and Beverage manufacturing and wholesale

• General and refrigerated warehousing and storage

• Fishing and fish processing

• Machinery and heavy equipment

• Chemicals, textiles, and rubber

• Electric equipment and components We can offer your business a total solution, whatever your shift pattern, application, or environment


It defines our forklifts and the company that builds them.

Over the course of a century, the company known as UniCarriers took shape. As we grew and evolved into a US manufacturer with a global reach in nearly 100 countries worldwide, much has changed, but one thing hasn’t: Our mission. UniCarriers is committed to providing you with the ultimate in reliability, performance, and value. And that commitment can be seen in the MXS Series. The right choice when space is tight, their compact design, amazing maneuverability, and intelligent control systems make them ideal for efficient handling in containers, trucks, drive-in racking, and other cramped, fast-paced environments. They are also built to stand up to harsh, wet, dirty, or dusty conditions. Add UniCarriers’ legendary reliability, energy efficiency, and durability — and you have the right forklift to move your products, and your business, forward.


Lift Your Up Time

Reduce Downtime with Self-Diagnostics To maximize uptime and maintain the performance levels of these durable trucks, we build easy servicing into their design. Integrated on-board diagnostics provide immediate truck status. It’s intuitive dialogue display combined with accessible service history reduce troubleshooting time, so the unit is back in operation faster. Everything is done through a smart LCD panel. No handset device is needed. Electromagnetic Brakes Fully electronic magnetic brakes require less servicing and offer greater energy efficiency. The electromagnetic parking brake standard does not require hand levers to release the brakes, helping to reduce maintenance costs and total cost of ownership. Simplified Battery Maintenance & Replacement Fast-access battery compartment offers easy opening for maximum ventilation during charging and quick battery checks and maintenance. Fast battery compartment access speeds up servicing and exchanges.

To read more about this product please visit: https://www.logisnextamericas.com/-/media/logisnext/sites/portal/files/forklifts/unicarriers/class-i/mxst-mxs/sb-mxs%2009-2022.pdf

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