Packaging Equipment

ROBOPAC USA is the world’s largest secondary packaging equipment company. We offer the largest line of configurable machinery to stretch wrap, pack, palletize, erect, and seal any product in the food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, dairy, distribution, and most other industries.

Packaging Equipment

Robopac USA is the leading specialist in innovative packing technology. We’ve developed the most innovative and diverse secondary packaging equipment in the industry. We work with many different companies, and we continue to apply our technology in new areas to reach the largest customer base we can. We believe in continuous improvement, so we’re always looking for new ways to innovate.

Our machines handle many jobs, including packing, palletizing, and stretch wrapping. No matter which machines you require, we have the equipment and technology to fulfil your factory’s needs.

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Since 1987 ROBOPAC has been engaged in the production of secondary packaging equipment for the beverage industry. This experience has helped ROBOPAC provide the highest possible levels of packaging equipment technology. It was ROBOPAC’s awareness of the demands of the beverage industry that led to the development of stretch wrappers that wrap in excess of 200 palletized loads per hour. This same understanding allows us to offer shrink bundling systems and wrap around case packers capable of running between 20 and 150 cycles per minute.

In addition to pallet wrapping and case packing, ROBOPAC also offers a complete line of palletizing and depalletization machinery. The understanding that “end of line packaging” is the first step in your company’s logistics and transportation process has pushed ROBOPAC to offer some of the world’s most technically advanced Laser Guided Vehicles.

Dairy companies face a demanding set of challenges. They need to be built with flexibility, safety, hygiene, and innovation in mind. From gable top cartons, to PET containers, to aseptic bricks, our Prasmatic line of wrap-around case packers and shrink bundlers provide the most technologically advanced solutions in the industry. When integrated with our palletizers, stretch wrapping systems, and laser guided vehicles, Robopac USA is the perfect choice to be your end of line packaging provider.

Robopac USA understands the rigorous demands of the food industry. Our years of industry experience, large global footprint, and wide product range allows Robopac to offer secondary packaging solutions for even the most difficult applications. Our solutions for the food industry include case packers, bundlers, palletizers, stretch wrappers, and laser guided vehicles. Whether you’re in the bakery, snacks, confections, frozen foods, or meat and poultry industries, Robopac has a broad range of stretch wrap equipment and pallet wrapping solutions for your industry.

Robopac USA knows the challenges faced in the home and personal care industry. As a global leader in secondary packaging machinery, Robopac USA offers a very wide range of stretch wrap equipment suitable to bring cost savings and efficiencies to the home and personal care products manufacturer. From our series of case packers designed to handle odd-shaped bottles to our line high-speed automatic stretch wrappers, we are well positioned to be a true end-of-line partner.

Robopac has served the distribution industry since 1983, which gives us the expertise to develop the best stretch wrap equipment for your industry, no matter what products you manufacture. From the Robot S6 to a complete range of semi-automatic single, dual, and triple pod rotary arm stretch wrappers, we will partner with you to provide the right solution for your environment.

If your throughput requirement calls for a fully automatic system, Robopac provides fully automatic systems that can be loaded by electric walkie-style pallet jacks, forklift, or Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV).

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