Forklifts for Rent

J.V. Equipment, Inc. has over 400 forklifts for rent available. Choose from the most popular forklift brands and take advantage of our long-term forklift rental rates. We have a large selection of electric, LP gas, counterbalance and narrow aisle forklifts for rent available in South Texas and Northern Mexico.

Forklifts for Rent

Do you need a forklift but are not ready to purchase it? Call to rent one today! J.V. Equipment, Inc. has over 100 battery chargers and 400 forklifts for rent. Pick from forklift brands such as Crown, Bendi, Drexel, Nissan, and UniCarriers. We offer daily, weekly and monthly rates on all forklifts, pallet jacks, scissor lifts, and other material handling equipment. And receive even more significant discounts for multiple months of forklift rental. Choose from electric, LP Gas, counterbalance, and narrow aisle forklifts. All are available with various forklift attachments. We are located in South Texas and offer fast delivery throughout the region and into Northern Mexico. Let J.V. Equipment’s rental department keep your business moving forward.

Single-Double Attachment

Equipped with pneumatic tires (similar to tires on a car), these forklifts are suitable for working on paved roads and gravel.

Box Clamp Attachment

These forklifts are furnished with cushion tires. The smooth, solid rubber tires provide great traction on smooth, concrete surfaces.

Paper Roll Attachment

Our rental department offers a variety of useful attachments, to make your tasks easier and more efficient. 

Bin Dumper Attachment

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Forklift, forklifts and forklift for rent from jv equipment edinburg tx and JV rentals

A 4-wheel forklift rental is great for general indoor or outdoor applications.

Rental Page 4-wheel unit

A 3-wheel counterbalance forklift is perfect for navigating narrow aisles.

Rental Page 3-wheel unit

Forklift near me and and forklift rental near me at jv equipment edinburg tx and JV rentals

Not sure which rental forklift is right for you? 

CAll (956) 383-0777

[hfe_template id=’12852′]We know some customers are capable of repairing their forklifts and other material handling equipment. With over $1M in parts stocked in our inventory, our customers have a high chance of finding all the forklift parts they need. We offer a 180-day warranty on all Nissan & Duralift parts.

Contact us for any parts, tires, wheels, and forklift attachments you may need for your material handling equipment.

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Crown stand up forklift and electric forklift
Crown stand up forklift, forklift and electric forklift.

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