Dependable | Durable | Ready For Action

Ideal for medium to heavy duty applications. Flooded technology. Ideal for opportunity charging applications. Sustainable solution 100% recyclable.

No watering required. Gel technology cells offering high quality performance with zero watering required reducing down time.

Durability & Dependability. Available in 35-160 Ah positive models, providing up to 2000 Ah at a 6 hour rate. DEKA has the smallest percentage of warranty and claims decreasing your cost per cycle.

Heavy-duty intercell connectors, provides optimal current transfer. Copper inserts in single post cells, improves conductivity.

Single or dual cables and connectors, available based on
charger connection requirements. Optional vented trays and forced air cooling, optimizes
air circulation.

Less watering. Less maintenance. You extend your battery’s watering intervals from 1-2 weeks, 9-10 weeks.

Bolt on positive and negative terminals and cables simplify replacement and reduces safety hazards. A water level indicator LED warns you when the battery needs to be watered. Flip top Water Miserâ„¢ easy open and close vent caps help extend watering intervals.

Save time and Expenses. Reduce watering maintenance as few as 4 times per year under normal conditions.

The possibility of overfilling is reduced so it takes less time to clean the battery, and neutralize corrosive acid deposits.

10% more amp hours. Maximizing oxide efficiency, acid availability, positive to negative ratios, kilowatt hour capacity, work per shift, power-pre-pound.

Longer life. Higher Performance. Maintenance free gel battery with on board capacity charger. Features include 2 battery sizes to fit virtually any pallet jack for light-medium use.

Protective hinge cover standard on all DEKA Power Mate Batteries. Secure fit battery hold downs. Integrated connector and auto start/stop charger with LED display.

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